Sora Physical Therapy is a boutique PT experience, with our focus on the source of the individuals’ complaint and their pathway to health.

Sora Physical Therapy

The mission of Sora Physical Therapy is to bring about the inherent potential of the individual to live a full life through a unique and holistic approach.

Why is Sora Physical Therapy different than other physical therapy practices?

1. You receive one-on-one care: In most PT practices, patients spend the bulk of their treatment time doing exercises that could be done on their own time. In this common practice this time is spent with less skilled/ educated care. At Sora Physical Therapy the entirety of our treatment sessions are spent with your treating physical therapist.

2. We get to the source of the complaint: Most of western medicine is geared towards treating patients’ symptoms. Unfortunately, traditional physical therapy is no different. This method of treatment leads to limited results at best. At Sora Physical Therapy we recognize the symptoms, but our primary goal is to locate the source of the complaint. This helps us educate our clients on why they are having the problem, and gives them a better plan for independent self care.

3. We are experts in Manual Skill: At Sora, most if not all of the treatment session is spent with our therapists working physically on our clients. This hands on approach allows us to gain a better understanding of what is truly the mechanism of dysfunction. Most clinics employ therapists to prescribe exercises and stretches and they never able to develop proficient manual skills.

4. You receive quality over care over quantity: Most outpatient PT clinics treat the diagnosis versus treating the individual that is currently presenting the diagnosis. There is usually a protocol in place for how to treat the patient based on the diagnosis by the ordering physician. The problem with this approach is that each individual presents uniquely, even if they have been given the same diagnosis. The staff is trained to carry out the treatment for that diagnosis for the duration of the prescription whether they appear to be improving or not. At Sora Physical Therapy we employ a much more tailored approach to our patients complaints, and are capable of changing course of the treatment if the desired progress between treatments is not achieved.


Tom McCaffrey is one of the most sought after treatment specialists in the area and has had a fully booked schedule of patients for almost twenty years based on word of mouth referrals alone.

Tom’s treatment approach is a hybrid of the 600 + hours of continuing education coursework he has taken.  He has made a career out of helping people that were not helped by traditional physical therapy, as well as other disciplines.

Tom attended University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and completed his degree in physiotherapy in 1998. After his graduation he continued his post graduate training learning various manual treatment techniques through coursework with Maitland, Mulligan and the Institute of Physical Art.  After that his focus of education became more holistic in nature and he studied under John Barnes and the Myofascial Release approach as well as energy work.  Tom’s latest focus is continued training in MFR and Cranio Sacral therapy. He has most recently been accepted to train as a Functional Medicine Practitioner through the Institute for Functional Medicine.


Sora Physical Therapy is an in-network provider with several insurance companies. If your insurance plan is not one that we are in network with we do accept out of network benefits as well.

If you happen to have an insurance plan that has no out of network benefits we do accept self-pay clients.  Our self-pay clients often find that it ends up being cost beneficial to pay out of pocket for our services versus going to an in network provider. The reason for this is that you most likely will end up paying a copay or coinsurance and need to be seen for many more sessions based on the difference in the quality of care received.

“Tom is an incredible physical therapist who I went to see for back pain. He found the root cause of the pain and has helped me tremendously. I have recommended him to multiple family members and friends. I will always be thankful for the help and relief he was able to provide.”